A Better Night’s Sleep is Possible

I’m in the risk adverse camp. I don’t like losing money!! Indexed Universal Life Insurance Products provide a Death Benefit as well as a tax free vehicle to grow and protect your hard earned money!!!

Tossing and turning over financial stress doesn’t just fall under one category, either. Retirement savings had 44% of women and 35% of men concerned. Health care and insurance kept 33% of women and 24% of men up at night. But anxiety over educational expenses edged out everything else, jumping to the number two slot with 32% of women and 27% of men worrying about how they’re going to pay for their kid’s education. Interestingly, credit card debt (which, according to a Bloomberg report is at an all-time high) causes the least amount of lost sleep.

CreditCard.com did ask a professor of economics and finance at Creighton University, Brad Klontz, who is also the co-founder of the Financial Psychology Institute. He said that “women are much more in touch with the emotions they are dealing with” and thus are going to be more honest about their stress. Men, on the other hand, are “more likely to have some sort of denial about the stress they are under.” So in other words, us guys aren’t as willing to admit to being super stressed out over money. That sounds a little more accurate—still gender biased but more in line with the men I know.

I am constantly talking to people about their money. What concerns me more than any of the above is that fact that Americans just aren’t the best savers. We like to spend money, but the logic of saving money now so that we can have something later in life to live on seems to elude too many of us.

There are ways to have control over your money. You can save money in a way that protects your reserve and still earn a decent rate of return. You also don’t have to have the interest you make be subject to taxes that are too high.

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