I have 24 years of experience selling personal lines insurance. My customers are happy that I take the time to explain the insurance coverage they have. I have heard many times “no agent has taken the time to explain the coverage like you have”.

I am available to customers after hours as well to help my clients with their insurance needs. Many times I have answered the phone during my busy weekend to help my clients.

I am able to package your renters, home and auto insurance with the same company to get you savings on your insurance policies.

My auto policies cover good drivers and unlucky drivers who have tickets or accidents. One of my companies will take drivers who only have an official Mexican Identification Card. My auto policies cover everybody.

My home insurance will cover standard, manufactured homes and rentals. We cover short-term rentals, condominiums rented to others and other specialty dwelling risks.

If you have flood insurance allow me to look at your policy. If you are in flood Zone A or AO, I may be able to help you with an elevation certificate to reduce your annual premium significantly.

Please buy the highest Bodily Injury and Property Damage Limit you can afford. Do this because you will be responsible to pay the difference after your policy limit has been exhausted. Medical Bills are astronomical and up your wages can be garnished to pay these bills. What would you do if you cannot bring home 100% of your paycheck?

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist will cover your lost wages and medical bills if the party at fault does not have any or enough coverage. Make sure this coverage is the same as your Bodily Injury coverage. If you cannot work after a covered claim and you lose time from work you will need this coverage to replace your income.

We are a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs.

Please call me at 760.702.7164 to find out more. Sincerely,  Patrick Arias