Due to my 24 years of working in the insurance industry, I have learned from many professionals. I have made many contacts with insurance agency owners. I use this knowledge to help my clients. Here is what I do for one of my clients.

He has 2 restaurants and a grocery store. He is a family man and rightfully so puts his family first. He is overwhelmed with Human Resource, OSHA Compliance and day to day managerial duties.

Since I do not have a boss to answer to, other than my clients, I can do what is best for my customers. The renewal insurance policy for his restaurants was $28,000.00. I networked with another insurance agency owner to lower this annual premium to $14,000.00. After splitting commissions with my colleague my commission was reduced by 75%. I am able to absorb this loss because he has all of his insurance policies with my agency.

I also help this customer find resources on writing an employee handbook, job descriptions, and other Human Resource matters. I meet with him to find out other ways I can be of service to him.

I am his workers compensation insurance agent so I help him reduce his workers compensation insurance costs. We have put together a safety training program for his employees that is very efficient and professional. Another way to keep insurance costs down is to have the injured worker take to the doctor a regular job description and modified job description. This way the treating doctor knows the job duties and most likely will put him back to work with no loss time injuries. As you know loss time injuries drive your insurance costs up.

This a general description of how I will partner with you as your insurance agent.

Please call me at 760-702-7164 to learn more about my services,  Sincerely Patrick Arias