Who is Patrick Anthony Arias?

I am a family and God fearing Man!!

I was born and raised in this beautiful Coachella Valley and proud to call it my home. I have been selling and servicing personal and business insurance for over 24 years. I can be reached at 760-702-7164 or email atrick.arias@icloud.com.

I deliver more value to my clients than most insurance agents. My clients can reach me 7 days per week for any insurance needs. I work hard to help business owners and families choose the right coverage to fit their budgets and needs. I compare insurance rates among the best insurance companies so that my clients have the best coverage at a reasonable cost.

I am a full service insurance agency delivering insurance protection for all your needs. I offer Life insurance products as well as liability and property insurance products.

My Life Insurance Products allow Clients to:

-Build a Nest Egg Tax Deferred where they can access it Income Tax Free

-Protect their savings from the devastating impact of the 8 major financial risks that every family faces today.

-Optimize the Returns of their money without exposure to the stock market volatility.

-Outsmart the banks and finance purchases with their own money while still potentially earning interest on the entire amount of the loan.

-Our clients take control of their financial future with No luck or Guesswork.

I have partnered with BBSI to help my business clients with insurance solutions. My clients get help with: management solutions that bring predictability and stability to small business.

Our difference includes hands on, team-based approach with locally based resources and guidance.  We focus on the client’s objectives, performance and results.

BBSI aligns with the mission of the business owner.  We offer a range of solutions to help the business owner navigate pitfalls and build a stronger foundation for their business.

  • Human Capital Management

    We’ll analyze current personnel policies and procedures and identify any gaps in compliance. We’ll identify more efficient ways to handle important details, including payroll, taxes, employee benefits, health insurance, workers’ compensation coverage, workplace safety programs, compliance with federal and state employment laws, labor and workplace regulatory requirements and related administrative responsibilities.

  • Preferred Payroll

    A no-hassle way to pay employees. Did you know: the average small business owner spends up to 25% of his/her time handling employee-related administrative paperwork? Now they can get that time back – to innovate, serve customers, and just re-focus on the parts of business they love. Our complete payroll service handles deductions, tax payments, wage garnishments, tax levies, liens and W-2s.

  • Worker’s Compensation, Risk Management

    We look forward to assisting you in establishing and maintaining an effective risk management and safety agenda.  Our primary goal is the elimination of personal injuries and ensuring every employee has a safe and healthy work environment, proper equipment and adequate training.  Injury prevention is given the highest priority in BBSI operations.  And YES, we provide competitive rates for W/C too!  Allow us to quote your renewal and see the difference.

Our Partnership Platform:

  • 3-6 months:  Address the administrative and tactical components of managing employees.
  • 6-18 months:  A focus on goal setting, development of the organization, continuing process improvement, further development of HR, Risk and Safety and administrative best practices.
  • Ongoing:  Facilitating the owner’s vision.  Forwarding-looking with a focus on culture in which the supervisors and employees, instead of the business owner drive success of the organization.

Business owners who typically benefit most from BBSI’s approach have reached an inflection point and are experiencing growth.  They have teams that need development; concerns related to human capital and want to focus on their core business – not management functions.

Benefits to business owners include alignment with the business owner’s goals.  We deliver the resources of a large company to small companies (1-500+ employees).  BBSI allows owners to more effectively leverage their internal resources, support cash flow management, brings predictability and sustainability to the business and is built around a risk- mitigation model.

Personal lines- I teach my clients how insurance can protect their financial futures. I do this face to face as well as with educational videos. Please view my video library to learn about the various insurance coverage that you need.

I am also a Flood Insurance Specialist. Let me look at your flood insurance policy to see if I can save you hundreds of dollars per year.